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! 1211. Swap card ! Jul 08

Totally unexpected  a new surprise via postcard from her holidays in Moscow by my
PC fellow Anke from Dortmund – Germany! WOW! You’re really a globetrotter!
I hope you had an exciting stay in Moscow.

It’s always a pleasure to find a postcard from your journeys in my mailbox!

This one shows: View on the Cathedral of Moscow Kremlin! Amazing colors! They’re so
brighten. Huge thanks dear Anke! :D

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! 1058. Tag-card ! Jul 02

Such a great map of Hungary! with bordering countries as well! Great offer by Dora in
Erd – Hungary who also wrote in perfect German about her life there!
I really appreciate to meet you this way for the first time!

Huge thanks for this new addition from your nice country I visited 20 years ago!
and enjoyed to spent my vacation at Lake Balaton :P :D

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46. Thank-you-card – CN Jul 02

A surprise from Mingxin in Jiangsu – China I got in return of my official card I sent her
some time ago! The traditional  foldingscreen was used by rich chinese families in ancient
decades to decorate their homes with. Many thanks to you Mingxin for this very unique
and special card what teached me some kind of your culture. :) You’re welcome!

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! 1054. – 1057. Tag-card ! Jul 02

Vacation in Maine! That could be the title of the 4 cards I received by a tag from Erin
in Bradenton (Florida) – USA. She is in Maine right now and that’s so nice of her to
offer and send cards while she’s on holiday! Thanks a lot for sharing your good time
there with me! Also thanks for your letter you enclosed! Happy Holidays! :D

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! 1051. – 1053. Tag-card ! Jun 26

After a long time I met Caroline from Tenom on Sabah – Malaysia once more by tagging!
She’s good PC fellow of mine and it’s so great to get these wonderful and breathtaken
cards from the island you live far away from Germany. I hope to travel your country
some day, too. Till this date I can only enjoy cards like yours!
Thanks so much dear Caroline and happy postcrossing! :)

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! 1050. Tag-card ! Jun 25

My last card for today was sent from far away Anchorage (Alaska) – USA by Sarah.
I wished a long time to find this special and beautiful map card and finally my wish
come true to get it right now! :D   :D :D

My thanks goes over to Alaska to you Sarah! Great to see you’re back at forum. :)

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! 1049. Tag-card ! Jun 25

My next card for today…
Sent by my good Postcrossing fellow Naomi in Fort Benning (Georgia) – USA.
It’s a relict by her former living in Washington state I guess ;)
I always love to find your cards in my mailbox  Naomi! Huge thanks once more for
your map card I’ll add happily to my WA folder of maps :P

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! 1048. Tag-card ! Jun 25

The mascots (Fuwa) of Olympic Games in China are still often sent. I got this card
showing all of them for the first time! It was sent by Jamie from Shenzhen – China.

She added 5 large and unique stamps with landmarks of China on the back. So, there
wasn’t any space to write something about. Though… many thanks for this new card
in my collection :)

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! 1208.-1210. Swap card ! Jun 22

3 gorgeous and absolutely new map cards from Craig in
Bay City (Michigan) – USA I found also in my mailbox today!

He’s also always on the hunt for new additions to my collection! I can’t thank you enough!
It’s such a pleasure to know you and swap cards with you so often! Have much fun with
my surprise in return! I hope you will :P

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! 1207. Swap card ! Jun 22

A private swap offer I owe this cute cartoon map of OR state what were missed so far!
Many thanks to Liza from Portland (Oregon) – USA. I really felt in love with this card
as I especially adore cartoon cards so much! ;) They are most lovely I think! Are they?

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