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! 1069. – 1073. Tag-card ! Jul 20

5 tag cards in envelope were chosen by myself from offer
by Claus in Hamburg – Germany!
Thanks for your great cards in perfect condition!
I’m happy to get some new maps from my own country from
time to time as well! :)

I hope you’ll like my cards in return, too!
Happy Postcrossing dear PC fellow from northern Germany! :D

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! 1068. Tag-card ! Jul 20

Another meet up with Bogusław from Piaseczno – Poland by
tagging. It’s a map of a district in north of Poland. :)
I’m happy to got this new map addition from your country.
Thanks also for your nice and new stamps you added. :D

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! 1067. Tag-card ! Jul 15

Where the hell is PITCAIRN?! I thought while tagging Genek in Valby – Denmark :P
After that I had enough time to figure out! At the end of the world… it seems for people
in Europe like me! I have never heard about this island before what’s to find in South
Pacific! Many thanks to Genek who offered this brilliant card to all of us! It’s a gem!

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! 1213. Swap card ! Jul 15

This special kind of map of “Running city” I received by Igor from St. Petersburg – Russia
but I’ve no idea who he is! There’s no sreenname or ID-No. on card. Well, Igor if you
see your card here….please contact me. Thanks in advance. It’s a very unique map card!

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! 1212. Swap card ! Jul 14

Hey, my new postcard penpal Krzysztof from London – United Kingdom sent just
one more card! It shows St. Paul’s Cathedral and I’m happy to get it from you.
You always sent such great cards to me and I appreciate that a lot! :D :D :D

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! 1062. – 1066. Tag-card ! Jul 13

From far away Anchorange (Alaska) – USA I received finally my tag cards I expected for
a while! But today I found the envelope in my mailbox and was bit astonished where
it ends up before! MISSENT TO MALAYSIA was printed on front! So, that’s the long
time needed to reach here in GERMANY! *lol*

Many thanks to you Sarah who sent these great nature scenic cards from a state it’s
beautiful to be and to get surrounded by wonderful wildlife and breathtaken spots! :D

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47. – 51. Thank-you-card – GB Jul 10

Today I started with an envelope full of breathtaken beautiful and new maps from
Lynn in Thetford – United Kingdom in the day. I sent her an official card before and
she offered me to send something back from her part of the world!

I didn’t expect to get so many amazing additions and can’t thank you enough!
You really made my day! :) Nice meeting you and HAPPY POSTCROSSING Lynn!

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! 1061. Tag-card ! Jul 09

This is a very awesome view card showing the Penholder Mountain in Jin Zhou. I got
this tag card from Niuniulee who’s living in Chengdu – China! It’s a good choice to
share an interesting and beautiful place with me! It looks really inviting to me :)
Thanks for your lines and nice stamps as well!

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! 1060. Tag-card ! Jul 08

And at least.. another -my third- russian card today! Unbelievable isn’t it?!
An invitation to “the Summer Gardens” located in St. Petersburg was mailed by
Tatyana who lives also in St. Petersburg – Russia! Thanks for this nice card of the
Garden Park  in autumn what’s full with colorful leaves.

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! 1059. Tag-card ! Jul 08

My second card arrived also from Russia! *lol* But from a city called Chelyabinsk what
is home to Aljona who tagged me before. The card itself is taken from St. Petersburg
and shows an UNESCO WHS of “Kizhi architectural complex from 18-19. centuries”.

Thanks for your large and special stamp of Russia nature (I’ve never got before!) and
also your lines in german language! :D You’re welcome!

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