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RU-161088 Jun 08

Another nice russian card but this one came official way to me!
Igor from St. Petersburg – Russia is the sender and it’s one of
his first sent cards by You’re welcome to
have lots of fun in this community of addicted people! :P

Thank you for your nice card of different views in different ages
of your hometown! Nice meeting you. ;)

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NL-357328 Jun 04

A new official part via postcrossing I received by Caolien from Warffum in north of the
Netherlands! It’s quite amazing to get another new map card from your area! Thanks
also for your lines on the back and good wishes! I send you the best, too! Take care.

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US-707384 Jun 01

The first card in June 2010! :) It’s an official from East Windsor (Conneticut) – USA and
was sent by Grace. Thanks so much Grace for this extraordinary map of the USA and
for your interesting and personally lines on the backside as well! Nice to meet you :D

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NL-354433 May 31

It’s the last day of May and here’s my last received card for this month as well!
An official card from Ester who lives in Ternaard – Netherlands :D

I really enjoy your card because I like multiview cards with landscape!
Especially of being there before. Thanks for reminding me on holidays I spent in
your country! Nice to meet you this way and Happy Postcrossing Esther.

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TH-43945 May 29

Greetings from Bangkok – Thailand what’s the hometown of Khanchai who sent this
singleview card of Thanon Rama Bridge to me.
The stamps are new and very colorful! Thanks for sharing a glimpse from your
surround with me and for your sentence on the back of the card :D

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FI-814767 May 27

Another official card from Helsinki, Finland’s capital city with lots of tourist spots.
One of them is to see in mid of the card. The large, white cathedral near the harbour.
The card was chosen and sent by Veera from Helsinki – Finland to enjoy me!
Thanks for that :)

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US-690720 May 25

This official card came from Cincinnati (Ohio) – USA by Kim.
Isn’t my kind of cards I like, because I don’t like art/animal cards.

Thanks for telling my about your freetime preferences and for adding nice stamps, too.

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RU-151569 May 14

And as mentioned in first posting today…

My last card again an official card (4 in a row!!!) from St. Petersburg in Russia.
It shows the Hermitage in St. Petersburg what’s hometown from Olga, too. ;)

It’s so funny and remarkable for me to get these cards! But I wanna tell you about the
stamps as well. They are never received before and one of them has included a little map!
Wow! Thanks so much dear Olga. :)
Happy Postcrossing to you!

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FI-806904 May 14

A tourist map card of Hungary’s capital city Budapest!
I guess it’s a treasure from last century and I hope you enjoyed it
much to send as I enjoy much to get this new map card especially
of a country it’s ususally hard to get cards from ;)

I send out my thank you to Outi from Helsinki – Finland for her
effort and kindness to mail this card for me with wonderful
new stamps and of course … personal lines ! :)

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NL-343549 May 14

An extraordinary viewcard with shape of the klomp and greetings on the back
I found as next in the bunch of cards today.
Gerda from Almelo – Netherlands sent it to me and I thank you for this unique addition.
I’ve never seen such or similar card in past :)

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