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FI-863452 Aug 04

Greetings from Oulu – Finland I got with this card by Terhi who lives in this city. ;)

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US-762432 Jul 30

As I mentioned before… It’s MAP CARD day! :D :D :D
My last card for today was sent official way by Sarilyn from Granbury (Texas) – USA.
She told me some personally things about her life there and her interests, too.

Thanks for this great card and kind/entertaining lines ;) Happy Postcrossing Sarilyn!

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FI-859689 Jul 28

WOW! A colorful new map I got right now! Minna from
Kauhajoki in Finland did research my online collection to
compare all maps I already have! So, this is a new one!
Well done!!

I just love the combination of map and typical nature views! :)

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NL-391476 Jul 27

From the Netherlands, to be more exact from city Hoorn was sent my next incoming
official card. :)

It’s quite seldom one as it’s showing a Scottish Stronghold.
Many thanks to Norbert who made me happy with his choice and also with 3 new
elder stamps which I didn’t receive yet!

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FI-854680 Jul 24

A new official postcard from Finland! :) What a great combination of map card and
sailer in front of! Very well done dear Eija from Nurmijärvi in Finland. I enjoy your
card a lot… It’s kind of special map! Nice to meet you today :)

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NL-385407 Jul 19

My 2nd incoming card for today.. also an official! How great ;)
This special artcard shows Utrecht in a painted version and was mailed by Milou from
Utrecht – Netherlands! She wrote a lot on the back and put interesting and different
stamps on. It’s nice to get your card and to read your story on the back! ;)

Happy Postcrossing.

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US-756524 Jul 19

After a few days without official cards I’m glad to got a multiview of beautiful NJ!
Melissa from Toms River (New Jersey) – USA requested my address and chose this
nice card to share with me. I really love seashore views and I’d love to visit your
state once a life. Thanks for sending with kind words and greetings over to me. :)

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US-739247 Jul 06

A cartoon map of N.Y. state I received this morning and got happy about! :)
It was chosen and mailed by Cathy from Long Beach (New York) – USA. I love this kind
of maps especially so you can be sure you pleased me with! Nice to meet you today! :D

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JP-114924 Jul 03

Greetings from Haruna in Kanagawa – Japan I found in my mailbox backside of this
official card what shows Odawafa Castle! It looks very inviting and more like a typicial
house to live in (for my opinion) than a castle! But good to know :) Also interesting
your story about the background of the public holiday on July 7th. I thank you a lot
for sharing this knowing with me! :) Happy Postcrossing.

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PL-102322 Jul 02

Here is my last incoming card for the 2nd of July! ;)
An official card sent from neighbor country Poland, to be more exactly from Kolo.
Magdalena didn’t find a mapcard to send she told me and that’s why I just received
this nighview of Poznan! No worries Magdalena… it’s also an awesome postcard and
excellent choice to show me something from your surround! Many thanks for that!

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