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FI-863452 Aug 04

Greetings from Oulu – Finland I got with this card by Terhi who lives in this city. ;)

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! 1217. Swap card ! Aug 04

An impression of Trafalgar Square in vintage looking located in heart of London
was sent by Krzysztof from Hounslow – United Kingdom for me! :)

Nice to hear from you again and that you’re enjoying sending cards to me! :D
It makes me smiling each time!* Hugs*

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53. Thank-you-card – FR Aug 03

Actually it’s quite seldom to get a thank you card for a tag card!
But here we are with one from Karine in St. Martin des Champs – France who received
a tag card by me some days ago and loved it so much!
Thank you dear Karine for this return card of your area! :D

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! 1216. Swap card ! Aug 03

Surpringly but always nice to get a holiday greeting by my long term penpal Kirsten
from Itzehoe – Germany who’s just in Croatia with her family! I appreciate your
choice of map card. It’s again a new addition from a country I’ve just a few maps :)

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Birthday mail! Aug 03

A bit early I got my first birthday mail inside of a package
from my penpal Pip in Dunedin – New Zealand. I’m so curios
what you put into … but I’ll wait two more weeks till my
birthday for sure!  :) :D

You always sent so cute & colorful B-Day cards each year! It’s a pleasure to open letters!

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US-762432 Jul 30

As I mentioned before… It’s MAP CARD day! :D :D :D
My last card for today was sent official way by Sarilyn from Granbury (Texas) – USA.
She told me some personally things about her life there and her interests, too.

Thanks for this great card and kind/entertaining lines ;) Happy Postcrossing Sarilyn!

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! 1215. Swap card ! Jul 30

Haha…it seems to be a MAP CARD day! The 4th in serie! Peter is a PC fellow from
Zoetermeer – Netherlands and he’s just spending summer vacation on KOS – Greece!
What a funny coincidence that I’ve been also exactly on this island several years ago!

I love your sent map card from your trip! It brings back so many nice memories to me!
Thanks for thinking of me my friend :)

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! 1076. Tag-card ! Jul 30

And again *lol*  from the same sender like my last card… Ronald from Ridgefield Park
(New Jersey) – USA but for a different tag sent. This map of Yosemite National Park
was for longer on my wishlist and finally… my wish came true. :D GREAT DAY!
Thanks once more Ronald!

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! 1075. Tag-card ! Jul 30

Following by another map card I go on here….
Ronald from Ridgefield Park (New Jersey) – USA sent this special kind of map of
Washington D.C.!
Really!!! hard to get as all maps of D.C. so hard to catch up!
I adore that you made this effort to me and sent something very unique by tagging! :)

Thanks so much Ronald!

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! 1074. Tag-card ! Jul 30

This map card I found on top of a bunch beautiful incoming cards this morning! ;)

A few days ago I tagged Luca from Ascoli Piceno in Italy for this new addition from
his album offer. THanks for your great card, nice lines and also amazing stamp! :)  
By the way he wrote that’s his 100th card sent to Germany as well.

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