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! 952. Tag-card ! Dec 08

This was the last duplicat she had to offer of this OK map.
That was written by Lona from Ft. Gibson (Oklahoma) – USA to me on the backside!
I’m quite happy to received it especially for this reason, too. Thanks for sharing with us :)

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! 1098. Swap card ! Dec 05

A very cute X-Mas card I found in my mailbox today. It reached me totally surprising. ;)
This old card was taken from a painting made in 1907! Great choice dear Heather in
Cornwall – Canada. I love this nice and cute X-Mas surprise by you :D

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CN-130576 Dec 02

My first official card in the last month of 2009!
It reached here in perfect condition and was mailed by
Dong who’s living in Shanghai – China.

The place where you can find the Terracotta Warriors, like this one on card,
is called Xi’an.

Thanks for your invitation to visit your city and the warriors, too ;)

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! 951. Tag-card ! Dec 01

Another great tag card from USA for me today. The State Capitol of Colorado at night
chosen and sent to show some different from city or landscape cards. Thanks goes over to
Ronald in Ridgefield Park (New Jersey) – USA for this great card :) :)

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! 950. Tag-card ! Dec 01

A view to historical district of Boston what is expensive to live in
taught me Laura from Marlborough (Massachussetts) – USA on this
tag card. I can image that very well ;) Thanks for sharing with me.

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! 949. Tag-card ! Nov 28

Vermont… on the eastern coast of USA is a small state I’d love to travel myself.
It looks so peaceful and rural on this spot what Kristin from Chelmsford
(Massachussetts) – USA sent to me after she tagged me.

I really LOVE this landscape card. It brighten my day :) Thanks

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! 1097. Swap card ! Nov 25

My postcrossing friend Anke in Dortmund – Germany is just on holidays. It seems she is
cruising the Mediterrean Sea as she sent a card from Sizilia mentioned be on the way to
Malta and Korfu Islands. Hopefully you’ve much better weather then we have here around!
Thanks again for thinking of my map obssesion on your trips always :P   :D

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! 948. Tag-card ! Nov 24

On different dates sent but arrived both today. Next and last card for today I got again
by tagging from Shinta in Semarang Java) – Indonesia who included some facts about
the island Bali she’s been several times :P
I’d love to visit Bali also some day. Maybe we’ll meet us there and you may guide me then *lol*

Thanks once more for those gorgeous new additions to my collection! You’re welcome.

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! 947. Tag-card ! Nov 24

WoW… a map card of Asia territory. I absolutely wanted get this unique map and new
part for my collection and tagged Shinta who lives in the capital city of Java called Semarang
belonging to Indonesia country.

Thanks for this great chance to add for me and also your awesome and colorful stamps :)

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33. Thank-you-card – RU Nov 24

My day is starting with 3 incoming postcards :)
First is a Thank You card in return for an official sent to Irina in
St. Petersburg – Russia.

You gave me a small but wonderful impression of your city with
this nightview today. I just adore it.
Thanks a lot. :D

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