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! 956. Tag-card ! Dec 22

Another great map card by an area I never heard before. Whidbey Island
belongs to Washington state. Whitney lives in Oak Harbor (Washington)
- USA and was able to buy and offer this map card by tagging! :D

I love this new and hard to get part.
Much appreciated to meet you this way again

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! 1100.-1107. Swap card ! Dec 22

It feels like X-Mas Eve to me as I found an large envelope in my mailbox today and didn’t expect it :P
Inside were breathtaken new TWILIGHT cards I can’t describe how I love them! WOW! I’m still speachless about this great gift!
They were sent by one my oldest postcrossing friends ;)
Thanks so much dear Kirsten in Itzehoe – Germany for this wonderful and with so many love sent present.
You made me jumping around *hehe*

I LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOVE the Twilight cards and also your added greetings on the both other cute art cards!
I sent you love and MERRY CHRISTMAS for you and your family as well :D

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! 1099. Swap card ! Dec 19

Very surprising I found this selfmade greetings card from a good friend in my mailbox.

I have swapped a few times with Anita from Kaohisung in Taiwan in 2009 and now I received
this cute postcard, too! ;) I’m glad to met you and hope to stay in contact in 2010 with you!

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! 955. Tag-card ! Dec 19

2nd card I owe Shinta from Semarang (Java Island) belonging to Indonesia country.

Thanks so much for this further gorgeous map addition also with smallviews from typical
lifestyle in your country. I’m just happy to have it here and also in good condition :)    :D    :P

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LT-56907 Dec 19

Very snowy and peaceful view from winter in Lithuania I got
official by Regina in Kaunas – Lithuania first today.

She added a lot never seen stamps and very friendly lines and
best wishes for coming Christmas. Thanks Regina and I really
like your combination of motif and words backside. :D

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34. & 35. Thank-you-card – FI Dec 18

I love those 2 cards so much! I owe them Juha from Lapinjärvi – Finland who I sent an
official card before. He liked it so much that he decided to thank me this way sending some-
thing nice back. I really adore your kindness and love your surprise! :D    :D    :D

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FI-705548 Dec 18

Greetings from snowy Rusutjärvi in Finland I received by Milla official way right now. :)
Thank you for this viewcard to Helsinki’s frozen harbour and your kind lines as well.

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! 954. Tag-card ! Dec 15

WOW! This was an exciting hunt to catch up this extraordinary map!

I have been fast enough to tag Sherri in Deweys Mills (Vermont) – USA.
I want to thank you a lot to offer such rare map card.
VERY GREAT! I’m just more then happy about this new addition :D

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FI-704092 Dec 14

A new day with a new postcrossing surprise. An official card from the summer cottage of
Pirkko who lives in Kouvola – Finland. Thanks for reminding me of summer in midwinter ;)

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! 953. Tag-card ! Dec 09

Nice to meet you Bogusław from Piaseczno in Poland. ;)
Today arrived a new and gorgeous map I tagged him for few days ago.

I’ve been to Rodos in 1999 and liked it lot, so this map card
brings back a bunch of holiday feeling to me! Thank you for this
offer of Rodos map card. :D

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