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! 962. – 966. Tag-card ! + 2 extra cards as sorry… Dec 31

My last postcrossing mail in 2009 arrived in envelope and I got these wonderful new cards
by tagging from Jenn in Salemma (Massachussetts) – USA. I’m quite happy about and she

enclosed 2 extra cards because she couldn’t send one of the offered cards to me. Well, 2 cards
as “Sorry” for that is a great present ! :P Thanks so much Jenn… I really adore your cards and
I’m pleased to meet you by tagging. Have a brilliant New Year’s Eve today. *Hugs*

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! 961. Tag-card ! Dec 31

Today is the last day in 2009 and also the last day for mail.
I’ve received this wonderful map card of Rodos by tagging
Bogusław in Piaseczno – Poland.

Thanks for offering such nice and hard to get map cards in the
forum tags. I appreciate it much and nice to meet you once more.

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! 1109. Swap card ! Dec 29

Good wishes for a prosperous new year and thanks for being friends in 2009 sent Isabelle from
Grevenbroich – Germany with this international signed New Year Wishes to me! Thanks Isa :)
Great addition.

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! 960. Tag-card ! Dec 28

Lighthouses are always fascinating, isn’t it? And this postcard is much more then fascinating  to me!
I love the colors, and collages and the booming sea in front! Absolutely my favourite lighthouse card I ever got.
It was sent from a PC fellow I met before ;) Joseph from Round Rock (Texas) – USA. Big hugs :)

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! 959. Tag-card ! Dec 28

Christmas is over and finally the postman is coming with surprises again! *lol*

Well, I start with this uncommon map of WA state. I had an eye on this map for longer but
couldn’t find any offer to tag for. A few days ago I saw it at Whitney’s offer and get fast enough.
Thanks once more I’ wanna sent to Whitney from Oak Harbor (Washington) – USA. I love your cards. :D

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! 958. Tag-card ! Dec 24

I found this Pacific Coast Lighthouses card and had to tag
Joseph in Round Rock (Texas) – USA for it. I already got the
other part of this area and now I’ve both what’s great for when you
put them in line you get a coast highway map. :P ;) Very nice!

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! 957. Tag-card ! Dec 24

I thought I wouldn’t get any mail on Christmas Eve, what is today. But look …there was
something in my mailbox right now. :D   :D    :D
I love this map card shows Attiki in Greece and I chose it by the tag offer from Sofia in
Athen – Greece. Thanks so much for this special kind of map and also your wonderful
decoration and pretty stamps. All in all a prefect postcard for my opinion. :D

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BY-38532 Dec 23

Great day, great postcards :) :P
Another official card for me. I owe it Alena from Minsk in Belarus and shows “view to
hotel of Minsk” Thanks Alena. :)

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LT-56906 Dec 23

Hey, I received also an official card from Agne in Vilnius – Lithuania today.
It’s a pretty nice singleview of King Mindaugas’ Bridge, Hill of Gediminas’ Castle and the Tower.
Thanks for this great addition and also for sharing about your life with me :D :)

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! 1108. Swap card ! Dec 23

Maybe this is my last day with incoming mail before the holidays starts.
I got X-Mas greetings on this cute illustrated card by a good PC friend in Dortmund – Germany.
Thanks dear Anke. Always nice to find postcards from you in my mailbox :D

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