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! 577. Tag-card ! Dec 22

This card is a bit different as the most ones. You can see two animals if you turn around it.



I have uploaded both images as you can take a look two both animals ;) Thanks to Jen in Evanston (Illinois) – USA for this great and unique card.

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! 847. Swap card ! Dec 20

Thanks goes out to Laure in Maffliers – France. Great card!


The second one reached unexpected here! It’s an interesting & nice card from this castle.

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! 576. Tag-card ! Dec 20

My day starts with these 2 cards ….


First one sent from Marita in Turku – Finland for the capital topic tag. Thanks for this multiview card ;)

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! 846. Swap card ! Dec 19

Another X-MAS greeting today in envelope! Really kindly wishes for a paeceful holiday from Willi in Ihlow-Riepe – Germany.


I wish you the same my friend and your family of course ;)

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! 844.-845. Swap card ! Dec 19

This surprise in envelope I received from my german postcrossing friend Kirsten in Itzehoe – Germany.


Another great card from you. Well, I have to thank you once more with a lot lovely greetings. :)


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! 575. Tag-card ! Dec 19

I have been very surprised as I found this large and impressive panoramic view from Chicago in my mailbox now!


Big hug and thanks goes out for to Emily in Napperville (Illinois) – USA. It’s amazing : o)

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! 843. Swap card ! Dec 18

X-Mas greetings from Ingrid in Tabriz – Iran as usually typical for this time :)


This year she has chosen one from her hometown in Germany, Hannover by night. Thanks again Ingrid.

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! 574. Tag-card ! Dec 18

This wonderful new card I received by my good friend Aki in Saitama – Japan, who searched it for me. :)


Thanks so much dear Aki for this further great map from your country.

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! 571. – 573. Tag-card ! Dec 17

3 wonderful new cards from Estonia ….


I received by Triin in Paldinski – Estonia today.


They are very great and I’m glad to add them in my collection now.


Thanks to you for this offer.

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! 570. Tag-card ! Dec 17

It’s just monday morning and the mail reached for today …


I got this long time expected tag card from a girl in Lumijoki – Finland. Thanks to you.

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