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! 582. Tag-card ! Dec 31

This one is really MY LAST card right now … and closed my collection in 2007.


Big thanks to Christine from Westminster (California) – USA for this impressive sight to Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood. :)

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! 581. Tag-card ! Dec 31


Another map from USA, but from Elizabeth City (North Carolina) sent by Sheila once more, after tagging her. ;) Thanks for offering.

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! 580. Tag-card ! Dec 31

Long time never heard from Alison in Evansville (Indiana) -USA, but she is back to offer her great cards in our forum. ;)


Thanks for sending this new and cute map from your homestate my dear! Always appreciated you know! :)

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! 851. Swap card ! Dec 31

Hey, this year is going to end and here are my last cards in 2007!

Starting with a “postcrossing meet up surprise” initiated by RikeĀ  from Oberstenfeld in Germany and signed by a few other german postcrosser!


Thanks for this nice card and your effort to sent it. :) Hugs to all who were involved.

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! 850. Swap card ! Dec 28

A very special trade got this morning! Brian from Guam sent this extralarge and awesome & unique map for my collection!


I’m so impressed to get it, as I not expected such great card! But now I only have to thank him 1000 times therefor! : o)

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! 579. Tag-card ! Dec 27

My only one after 2 days without mail, because here were public holidays in Germany.


You made my day with you card dear Natalie in Stillwater (Oklahoma) – USA! :)

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! 848.-849. Swap card ! Dec 24

Unexpected, but really nice to have… last cards from my postcard pal Inge in Eindhoven – Netherlands at least.


Thanks for sharing them with me and your blessing greetings for the holy event now.


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FI-243932 Dec 24

This letter reached included with 3 cards from Johanna in Keuruu – Finland.


She has added 2 extra cards from her area, as she has been involed to a chain letter.


But I didn’t enjoy these in past times and won’t send it again to others. Sorry…


But your cards are nice! :)

! 578. Tag-card ! Dec 24

The Christmas Eve day is the last chance to get mail before the holiday starts.

Here is my incoming mail for today so far: ;)


First a new map tagged by me & sent again from Sheila in Elizabeth City (North Carolina) – USA. Thanks once more :)

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FI-224749 Dec 22


A wonderful snowy landscape and absolutely lovely card with neat greetings sent Teresa from Sotkamo – Finland official way! Thanks :)